Blake Buys Homes makes selling a home easy. We buy quickly and homeowners pay no commissions, no fees and we pay all of the closing costs. To learn more, start by visiting our home page. 

While we continue to find winning solutions with homeowners by buying direct, we may not be the best option for somebody who has the time and willingness to test the market by hiring a real estate agent.

As part of our marketing and due diligence efforts we track the sale of every home in the markets we pursue, by zip code, and we are happy to run a quick search to put you in touch with an experienced sales agent that is active the in market where your home is located. Just click the button below to get started.


Are you an experienced and active Realtor, real estate agent or owner of a brokerage firm? If so, and you are interested in being included in our database, please read the section below prior to clicking the "Apply Now" button to get started. 

In an effort to save your time and ours, please review the guidelines and acceptance criteria prior to applying:

-More than 5 years of recent and continuous experience

-Minimum of $5 million in closed transaction volume

-Must have never been the subject of any complaints filed with the DRE or lawsuits for ill-intent or willful wrongdoing


Please note: Based on current application volume, processing time-frames are currently up to: 18 days.

We appreciate your patience.