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"I want to sell a property fast" 

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on popup "Fill out this form and we'll add you to our database. We may reach out to you if we have an opportunity that fits your goals."

"I am a real estate agent that may have deals for Blake Buys Homes, and I want to be added to your Preferred Referral Network"

Passive Investor
"I want to invest with Blake Buys Homes"

Blake Buys Homes and it's affiliate holding Companies are currently offering between 8% and 12% interest on opportunities with a time horizon of as few as 3 months and up to several years


Cash Buyer

"I am a cash buyer/investor looking to for properties to purchase"

In order to be added to our Cash Buyer database, a phone call is required.



"I am a wholesaler/investor and may have deals for Blake Buys Homes"


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"I specialize in locating distressed properties or other real estate opportunities and want to work with Blake Buys Homes"



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