Tired of Being a Landlord

For some people, being a new landlord can be a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Seriously! After about a year to two years into the job, the majority of landlords find that the mundane daily tasks become difficult for owners to justify. They simply have other things that they want to be doing with their life.

We receive calls and emails from tired landlords every week. Sometimes an owner inherited property and for one reason or another, they decided not to sell. Renting the property out to a tenant was the logical next step. Other owners bought the property as an investment or held on to it after they sold. Whatever the reason, the feeling of wasting their time with boring tasks is the same and they have better uses for their time and money. 

While being a landlord has its downside, the costs and hassles associated with selling a home make continuing to hold the property the only apparent option. We understand that owners are caught between two seemingly undesirable alternatives  and we specialize in buying homes from owners who are ready to move on.

We buy properties directly from owners and if a property fits our buying criteria we can have a fair offer for consideration on the same day we receive a call. Since we are direct buyers, owners benefit from bypassing all of the hassles of a typical sale don’t have to pay any commissions or fees. On most transactions, we will even pay all of the closing costs.

We buy properties in as-is condition - owners do not need to do any cleaning or fixing. We have worked with owners in a countless number of situations (vacant, tenant occupied, structural problems, etc.) and we almost always find a win/win solution. We can close on the day of an owner’s choice and if there are other needs,  we are flexible and will do what I can to help. All of our transactions take place with nationally recognized escrow and title companies to ensure a smooth transaction.

You may be thinking about selling a property, but might not be quite ready for any number of reasons. We understand. We are always available to discuss your circumstances and answer questions.  We have dealt with many owners that were likely in the same or similar situations to yours and we can use our experience to help brainstorm options that you may not know exist.


Jon R. - Huntington Beach, CA

"I inherited a portfolio of 8 low-income rental properties that were managed by my father for a bunch of years and later handed off to me. They were solid investments but I just wanted to move on to other projects that needed less attention. After coming across Blake Buys Homes from something I got in the mail, I decided to give them a call and I'm glad I did. I got an offer from them to purchase the entire portfolio and we worked it out so I still get some income from it. It was definitely a win/win."

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