Inherited a Property

We get numerous phone and email inquiries each week from owners who want to sell a property they have inherited. We understand that the circumstances around an inheritance can be emotionally draining and accompanied by a wide range of emotions. Of course, all of this is normal. 

Often times, an owner who inherits property does not have any intention of holding on to the property nor do they live close enough to the property to become the full time landlord or property manager. Inherited property may also need substantial work and repairs to bring it to market condition.  Generally, the person or people who inherited the property are not prepared to drop everything, put their life on hold and carry the burden and hassle of repairs and renovations. Nor do they have the time to research and interview potential real estate agents, host property showings, endure long escrows and the list goes on. 

We buy properties directly from owners and if a property fits our buying criteria we can have a fair offer for consideration on the same day we receive a call. Since we are direct buyers, owners benefit from bypassing all of the hassles of a typical sale don’t have to pay any commissions or fees. On most transactions, we will even pay all of the closing costs.

We buy properties in as-is condition - owners do not need to do any cleaning or fixing. We have worked with owners in a countless number of situations (vacant, tenant occupied, structural problems, etc.) and we almost always find a win/win solution. We can close on the day of an owner’s choice and if there are other needs,  we are flexible and will do what I can to help. All of our transactions take place with nationally recognized escrow and title companies to ensure a smooth transaction.

You may be thinking about selling a property, but might not be quite ready for any number of reasons. We understand. We are always available to discuss your circumstances and answer questions.  We have dealt with many owners that were likely in the same or similar situations to yours and we can use our experience to help brainstorm options that you may not know exist.

Margot S - Tustin, CA

"A family member unexpectedly passed and before I blinked, I was given an overwhelming list of To Do's to settle the estate. The will stipulated that I would inherited a duplex property that I had no time or desire to own or manage. Since I was already up to my neck in paperwork, I just wanted the property sold quickly and for a price near the appraised amount. Blake Buys Homes made an offer that was acceptable and since I didn't list the property with an agent, I hardly paid anything...a few property tax and loan pro-rations was all, I think. I am very satisfied with the result."

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