Code Violation

It can be quite unsettling to receive a letter from the city or some other governing body regarding a property you own and a code violation that needs to be addressed. Some violations are easy to remedy, however, many require a large scope of work and trigger a growing set of obligations, permits, inspections and approvals to bring the property up to current code.

If the property is older than 10 years, the chances are high that the scope of work could include electrical changes, structural changes and the list goes on. The city has no concern for the costs of fixing these issues, they just want them fixed quickly and they will continue to send threatening letters and hassle owners until the problem is fixed. If you received a letter about a code violation and you are considering selling rather than fixing the issues yourself, we understand and we specialize in buying problem properties.

We buy properties directly from owners and if a property fits our buying criteria we can have a fair offer for consideration on the same day we receive a call. Since we are direct buyers, owners benefit from bypassing all of the hassles of a typical sale don’t have to pay any commissions or fees. On most transactions, we will even pay all of the closing costs.

We buy properties in as-is condition - owners do not need to do any cleaning or fixing. We have worked with owners in a countless number of situations (vacant, tenant occupied, structural problems, etc.) and we almost always find a win/win solution. We can close on the day of an owner’s choice and if there are other needs,  we are flexible and will do what I can to help. All of our transactions take place with nationally recognized escrow and title companies to ensure a smooth transaction.

You may be thinking about selling a property, but might not be quite ready for any number of reasons. We understand. We are always available to discuss your circumstances and answer questions.  We have dealt with many owners that were likely in the same or similar situations to yours and we can use our experience to help brainstorm options that you may not know exist.



Claire S. - Lake Forest, CA

"I received a notice in the mail that due to a grading issue my house was deemed by the city to be unsafe. Needless to say, I didn't have a clue what to do until I spoke to some contractors, and I found it extremely unfair that I was being forced to make some repairs that were going to cost over $14,000. I received a letter from Blake Buys Homes and I decided it might be easier to sell and find a another house rather than dealing with all of the repairs. I was very happy with the offer so I accepted and I didn't have to fix a thing. It was a happy ending to an annoying situation."

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