Multifamily Property Tips

Southern California Apartment or Multifamily Property

Are you thinking about selling your multifamily property or apartment? 

Depending on your goals there are several great ways to get started. The first step is considering several factors, and their importance to you. Some of the most important factors to consider are: life planning goals (i.e. retirement), tax consequences, timing, loan restrictions, which sales structure would benefit you based on your goals, just to name a few. 

If your goal is to sell the property fast with minimal fees and hassles there are companies that specialize in these kinds of transactions and buy properties direct from owners - no listing broker, and they will even pay a fair price verified by a third party appraiser. The best part about working with these kinds of buyers is that sellers pay no commissions, no fees and there are no costs to determine what they will pay for your property. Also, sellers avoid all of hassles of a normal lengthy transaction with meetings, legal fees and other incontinent, but necessary steps. Blake Buys Homes is one company that specializes in fast and easy transactions, and they buy houses, 2 to 4 unit multifamily properties and larger apartment buildings. Sellers only need to provide some basic information and they will have an offer in weeks or sometimes days. Blake Buys Homes will even meet with you and provide several options to structure a sale that provides a significant tax benefit and continued income with seller financing. 

Another benefit with working with companies like Blake Buys Homes is that they have streamlined the process to work with property owners in almost any situation. In some cases owners have very little information available and their circumstances require a quick sale. Blake Buys Homes will pay a fair price, sometimes including a third party appraiser, and allow sellers to sell their property fast via an all-cash transaction.

For sellers that are interested in selling their apartment or multifamily property but want to minimize taxes there are also many ways to structure a transaction to be an added benefit to sellers. Visit our Home Page to see how the process works and feel free to call to talk about next steps to sell your multifamily property or apartment.

Blake Buys Homes also has resources to research the most active, best apartment brokers in Los Angeles County and Orange County and would be happy to provide a referral.